Extreme gaming rig decisions

so im building a gaming rig at the end of the month that i want to last 4+ years and still kick ass. im set on almost everything besides the GPUs

2* Nvidia 690
3*Nvidia 680
2*Nvidia Titan

i will be using 1 2560*1440p monitor and currently price is not an issue.

your opinion is appreciated :D
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  1. Also look into 3 7970 ghz. To see that they are stronger than 680's you can look at this benchmark
    Half way down, it shows a series of benchmarks comparing the titan to 7970 ghz and 680. It won against the 680 in every benchmark except far cry 3. It also shows that the titan is horribly priced compared to the rest of those cards. So I think your best option is 7970 ghz. Of the three options you listed, the 680's are the best option. I would only get 1 690/ titan for now and 2 680's/7970's. In a year or so, you could add another one in, if you really feel that you need one.
  2. hmm, looked into the 7970 ghz. i was never really a huge fan of AMD because of the driver support and ive had them fail just after warranty, but this does look promising. if i end up going this route it will definitely save me some big bucks :)
  3. I have to say that I think the titan will be a horrible deal. If you do end up with the nvidia route, the 680 is probably your best choice.
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