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Running it at 1080P everything Very High with FXAA. FPS never dropped below 30 (3 hours in) with a GTX 660 windforce. Very satisfying graphics and I'm loving the gameplay. :D
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  1. Nice! Sounds like you are enjoying it. Im about 3 hours in as well. I run two MSI 680s. They are the 4gb Twin Frozr 3 ones. Im loving it. 2560x1440 at around 50 fps! Beautiful game!
  2. Would a 7870 be able to atleast max it on 1080p with around 32+ fps, w/o AA/AF or msaa.
  3. Can't be sure but I would have to guess you may need to turn down another setting or two besides the AA if you want to stay solid over 30 fps. Honestly, not sure if this helps but, I would put it on par with Crysis 2 for how much stress it puts on my cards. Maybe its just a little more taxing.
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