Any difference between NEC and Mitsubishi CRTs?

I'm planning on purchasing the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB and was wondering if there is any difference at all between this monitor and the NEC MultiSync FP912SB. The specs seem exactly the same and both seem to use the same technology yet the Mitsubishi costs a bit more. Can anyone enlighten me on this situation? And any positive/negative comments about either would be a great help in my purchase decision.
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  1. NEC/Mitsubishi is the same company, and that is *exactly* the same monitor. I just bought the NEC FP912SB BK for myself, you'll be quite pleased with it. I love the thing.
  2. Agreed - I just purchased a FP912sb and it is the best CRT monitor I've ever had the pleasure of staring at. I wasn't able to look at the two side-by-site (both seem to be special order only where I live...) but everybody I asked said they're the same monitor.

  3. I've had 2 fp912sb sitting side by side for the past 6 months now. Gorgeous! As the others have mentioned they are the same. The 930 is Mitsubishi's 912 and their Diamond Pro line is NEC's FP line. For some odd reason, the Mitsubishi name carries a higher retail tag.
  4. I've been told it has to do with the Mitsubishi name having a higher-end appeal, while NEC appeals more to the masses...!??

    Either way, the FP912SB is gorgeous.

  5. Is the FP912SB great for gaming and movie watching purposes? Also what sort of features does it have? I have seen a friend's monitors that seemed to come with several contrast/color/brightness presettings for gaming, movie watching and so on.

    Does the FP912SB have this sort of features, and what other sort of features does it have that makes it a top notch monitor? Will it last me a long time?
  6. kinetic and stranger, where did u buy your fp912sb from? and at what price?

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
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