PC purchased with Windows 8 os, but need XP

I have a PC that was purchased with Windows 8 on it but need to have windows xp installed on it instead. Purchased with windows 8 as nobody sells computers anymore with windows xp. I know XP is out, but the software only runs on windows xp and can't run in windows 7 with xp mode. The software is an voiceprint communications software and can only be run on windows xp. Can anyone help to install xp instead of 8?
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  1. I think the windows 8 downgrade will only get you to vista. XP is not supported anymore. That being said, you could install XP if your hardware is carefully selected so that you will have proper device drivers. (or disable hardware that is not supported)

    I would look to getting updated voiceprint software or maybe installing a virtual machine and run windows XP on it with the voice print software. kind of depends on the requirements of your software.

    look at this link (run win 8 hyper-v with win xp virtual machine)

  2. ^ Yes john's approach is the way to go. On my new build (4 weeks) I installed Win 7 Pro 64-bit and then installed Virtual PC XP-Mode for my older programs that will run only in Win XP. Works perfectly.
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