Do I Need A Normal CD Drive To Burn CDs?

I only have one drive bay left and I want to buy this drive bay which controls the speed of the fans in my PC. The trouble is I also want a CD Burner/DVD combo drive. To copy a CD, can't I just copy the contents of a CD using the CD Burner/DVD combo drive and then paste it into a folder and then put it all onto CD? If yes I can remove the CD Drive and use it for my fan controller bay. (I've just bought this case with built in fans so buying a new case is not an option).

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  1. hmmmmm
    such drives do exist, but they are expensive.

    i know that pioneer makes a drive that can read dvd & cd, and can write cd's but its a tad expensive and not all that fast compared to current 24x, 32x and 40x burners.

    pioneer also has a dvd-rw... which will do the full range of media (dvd-r, dvd-rw, cd-r, cd-rw etc) but its mega expensive.

    as for copying stuff, there are a number of things u can do.

    commercial software such as nero allows you to make images of cd's to hard drive, and its child play to use the same drive to read and write as nero just makes a temporary file.
    i use this feature often as the cd burner is better at reading scratched media.

    there are also free programs out there like cloneCD or blind write that make perfect images of a cd (with certian exemptions due to protected media)

    any other quozzies?

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