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Hello im in the market for WAPs. I want to have WAPs in rooms far apart or blocked by a double brick wall, interferrences etc. What i want to do based on the requirements is put a WAP in between the many rooms to strengthen the bandwidth/signal to a second row of WAPs around the house. E.g. I have a Router connected to a WAP and then that WAP connects to the next WAP which is wired to the desired TV/PS3 etc. Please read down for requirements.

What my network currently consists of:

1xMacbook pro
1xSmart TV
1xCisco Lynksys 4200


1. Must be able to change what channel to operate on (I use channel 1)
2. Must have around 4 Ethernet ports (Gigabit if possible)
3. Must support Universal Repeater mode much like the UltraWAP-N from (For those who do not know of this function basically it allows wireless clients to connect to the network and connect to a ROOT-AP SSID maybe in the room next to it etc)
4. Must support wireless N-Draft duo
5. Backwards compatible with older drafts (802.11 b/g)

The closest thing i could find after many many days of searching was the DAP-1522 and some other business solution however they did not meet enough requirements.

So i ask of you beloved community please help me find a product that fits. If possible maybe recommend an alternate solution such as using WDS to make a criss-cross network and some information on how i connect more then 2 AP's, e.g. UltraWAP-N i have can connect upto 4 WAPs together via mac address'.

Many thanks.

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  1. You could use an Access Point (that does all that) and a switch.
  2. Im sorry but could you be a bit more specific? From what i gather you are saying that i use a normal AP and switch which both use RJ45's to connect to the router and end dvice. I have double brick walls which have been rendered so cutting holes to route cables isnt a great idea (And i dont own the hosue) and each room has a tight fitting door.

    As for cheaper APs most only have single modes. If Uni-Rep is not really a standard name then perhaps something with WDS and AP at the same time. For example the D-Link DAP-2690 can do it but its a tad to expensive as i need about 3 in the house as there are lots of interferences from neighbours WIFI and VERY thick walls and floors.
  3. For you to use access poins in the building you will need to use cables to connect them to your router (at least the first AP).
    You could also use wireless extenders to do what you want. Extenders don't need cables to connect to your network and extend the signal further in the house. Extenders are also less expensive and probably easier to set up than APs in Repeater mode.
  4. Yes im aware i have to have at least one ap to the router. the tricky bit is that i need to have the extender/wap to connect to many end devices (TV consoles PC) and having a 100Mb/s port on the single Extender is kinda limited isnt it? Also to have as much bandwidth as possible i would still like it to have dual concurrent N-draft. If that product you showed me had a gigabit port then i wouldnt mind buying a DGS-1210-10P to it or something cheaper such as a 100Mb/s switch. Anything else you can recommend for me ngrego?
  5. For a device to work on dual N it will need to be dual band itself. It will ned to work on both 2.4 and 5.0MHz, combining both at 300Mbps will give it the full 600Mbps.
    The Gigabit ports on an extender or AP will never get its full speed! The speed of the ethernet ports will always be limited by the speed of the wireless. Another thing is that many (if not most) TVs and consoles only have 100Mbit ethernet ports built in, which is enough for HD streaming.
    You would probably need to use wireless bridge to connect all your TVs Consoles etc.
    Chek out this site, there you will find all you need to know about networking devices:
  6. I see your point. However think about the congestion the 100Mb port on an extender etc will have with HD streaming (We have two TV's that stream at around 40-60Mb used daily at the same time) Allshare samsung devices conected wirelessly. My sister mac which streams and moves things on the NAS via wireless and all the other things etc. Also the current N-draft Uni-Rep i have only pumps out 60Mb from the wireless router with no other devices being used in real time. Wireless bandwidth is a must to connect between the routers and provide clients with wirless access (note to that cheaper units ive used can only connect to around 10-20 wireless clients sharing the single bandwidth it has.

    BTW: Sorry about the slow reply ive been ill and busy with doctors etc.

    EDIT: I found something which would be great

    But has no sellers on the internet
  7. I understand your dilema, but it is going to be tough with all that traffic on your network.
    I don't usually suggest using Power Line adaptors to people because they can be dissapointing, but they are an option. They would give you a direct connection to your router and poosibly the bandwidth you need.
  8. Ive been asking my dad about the internal wiring of the house and certain areas are sectioned off from one another. Sorry it took so long to find out but its not possible in some situation. And we have MANY devices being used at outlets so even using 500Mb PLA's wouldnt do much due to the amount of interference the other appliances give off while using electricity.
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