Do 4 Way SLI Bridge Connector can be use for 2 Way SLI ?


I have 2x Nvidia 500 series graphics (same brand and same series).

I also have one 4 Way SLI Bridge Connector.

But my graphics card only have one finger port connection for each graphics. Before that, this is my graphics arrangement.

My graphics arrangement

500 Series (PCI-E 16x)
skip (PCI-E 8x)
500 series (PCI-E 16x)
skip (PCI-E 8x)

4 Way SLI Bridge Connector

| -------------| (Top)


===== | =====


===== | =====

| --------------| (Buttom)

The question is, do 4 Way SLI Bridge Connector can be use for 2 way sli ?

Does SLI is enabled?

Thanks, Im appreciate the answers.
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  1. Hmmm...well, I never tried doing that personally (using Quad-SLI bridge for just a Dual GPU setup), but I think it would work just fine if you plug first and second GPU in the first and third SLI/PCI-e slot respectively. Try it anyway, if it won't work at least you'll know for sure. It's not like your GPUs would explode if it won't work, ya know...%)
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