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Upgrading from a 480 gtx me decide.

Hello all,

I just picked up Crysis 3 and my 480 is struggling at 1680x1050 on high settings. I am trying to decide which 600 series to pick. Not interested in a 680 or above. Should I get the 660, 660 Ti or the 670? Sorry, not interested in Radeon 7000 series based cards. I also know the spring refresh is around the corner with the usual 780 due first and then maybe the 770, 760, and Ti models a few months later. I don't want to wait that long.

Another thing I am curious on is whether my CPU is still going to be an issue. It is an Intel Core 2 Quad core Q9400. I think it'll be fine. Thoughts?

I appreciate your input.
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  1. May I ask why you wouldn't go with an AMD card?

    Of the options you listed, I'd highly recommend the 670 (something like this:

    I don't blame you for not wanting to wait, they are saying it could be another 6-8 months.

    Your CPU will bottleneck a new card like a 670, though I'd recommend upgrading your CPU, you can overclock (not sure if you have yet) and it would be the cheapest option. Here's a Crysis Warhead comparison based on the type of CPU used, as you can see, the Core 2 Quad you have ranks with previous generation i3's and Phenom II's, just something to think about:
  2. I've had bad luck with AMD cards in the past and am just comfortable with nvidia. I can't afford a new mobo, CPU and memory on top of a GPU to be honest.

    I see my CPU isn't way behind a first gen i5 on that chart, but finances restrict my options at this time. Thanks for your reply.
  3. the 660 wouldnt be that much of a performance increase really. better go for the 660ti or the 670. Do games run better with lower resolution? if so, then you are gpu limited, no cpu.
  4. I understand, I've had an issue or too myself. Maybe purchse a good CPU cooler (Hyper 212) and a 660ti so you can even out the bottleneck? That's what I would do, but again, that's just personal opinion.
  5. I appreciate your response. I am going to pickup a 660 Ti and see if it helps. If so, maybe over the next two months buy a mobo, CPU and memory. I don't feel I need a $300 mobo, $300 CPU and expensive ram. Maybe an i5 (ivy bridge), $180 z77 based mobo (asus/gigabyte) and $80 buck corsair ram.

    My days of overclocking and all that jazz are past me.
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    That's a good call, much like what I did. You don't even need to spend that much, Asrock z77 Pro4 or Extreme4 (Like $110 & $135), then yes Ivy/Sandy Bridge CPU, and RAM could be as little as ~$53 ish dollars for something like an 8GB dominator kit, should you so choose. Best of luck.
  7. Here, this was literally uploaded yesterday:

    Quite convenient...
  8. Indeed. I will buy the 660 Ti and follow my plan to buy components over a few months and build it then. I am hoping my quad core Core 2 will do a little better than the dual core Core 2.
  9. Why not do it the other way around? By that time the next series of GPU's might be out.
  10. Well based upon nvidia's spring refresh history, they always put out the x80 model first with the subsequent models in the coming months. I am not patient enough to wait that long. Plus they always tend to have supply issues for a little bit, then it stabilizes.

    Anyways, I found some good deals on parts and am buying everything today. I am impulsive that way at times.
  11. Yea but going from a platform like you have to an Ivy Bridge will likely provide just as great a performance increase.
  12. i have to agree your gpu is not that bad, and upgrading to an i5 and a cheap $60-70 motherboard since your not overclocking and you will notice a big difference.
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