Won't Detect The ati radeon 7750

hi guys, recently i build my new rig,,
processor, AMD Phenom ii 955 BE
Mobo, biostar a880gz
psu, Digital Alliane Bullet Pure Power 500W
HardDisk, WD Blue 500GB
VGA, Power Color Ati Radeon HD 7750

i put them all on my old pc case, and when i plug my vga to motherboard and press the power button it don't display anything on monitor. it just said "No Signal". but when i plug the dvi from vga ard to Onboard VGA it said "no Cable Dtected". and then i remove the VGA card and press the power button (with dvi plug on board) it boot fine to desktop. Please help me!! i think my motherboard not detect the VGA cause the vga works fine on my friends vaikoo va890gx pro.. and my friends ati radeon 4770 works fine too on my a880gz. is it bios problem??? is it needed to update the bios??
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  1. Yes you need to update bios.update it to latest
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