Which games are playable with nvidia geforce gt 630 synergy edition

Hello,which games are playable with nvidia force gt 630 synergy edition 2gb DDR3

my pc config:
Intel Dual core 3rd gen g2010 processor
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard
4gb ram
500 gb hd
nvidia gt-630 2gb ddr3 graphics
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  1. that is a very broad question.....i could list every pc game made since 1978. :)
  2. Nobody can give you a comprehensive list of the games you can play...
    Instead find out the games that you want to play and then refer to this site to check if your system can run it.
    Or you can also try this
  3. just dont buy those graphics intensive games.
  4. You should got hd 6570 or 6670 at same price and it way faster than gt 630.in demanding games just turn off the antialising and vsync to make game smother.
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