I have all the requirements yet fifa 13 doesnt work on my laptop

i have all the specifications need to play fifa 13 but wen i click on play te dgame doesnt work......the process runs but the game just wont start please help
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  1. Buy the game, probably would work better.
  2. n how will that solve my prob?? i played the game on my previous pc without any probs
    also all the other games lag.... this shldnt be happening....
    shld i update my drivers ??
  3. Well no one here can help you get a pirated game working. But thank you for admitting it was pirated :)
  4. Where did you get the install files for the game?
  5. apophis_91

    Please clear up a point for us. Is this a properly bought and licensed version of the game, and you are having a problem moving it to a new PC (which means that it isn't on the old PC anymore), or a cracked copy? In the first case we can help you; in the second case we can't.

    If all games are lagging on the new machine, that's a third issue. We'll ask for hardware specs and take a look.
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