LeadTek vs. VisionTek Ti 4400

I was planning to get the VisionTek GeForce4 Ti 4400 card. The decision is solely based on the fact that they sell a lot of cards, and it was what many people suggested a few posts back. But I couldn't help thinking how great the LeadTek card looks (2 fans), and I've seen it for $265. Is there much difference in these cards performance wise? How about the makers in general (VisionTek vs. LeadTek)? Are they comparable? If so, I may just go for the Leaktek. Thanks.
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  1. I had a Leadtek Geforce 256 32mg DDR (first gen Geforce). I've had plenty of cards before that and an ATI 8500 since. I have to admit, Leadteks card was the best card I've ever had. The ATI card has a prettier picture, and with double the ram (I guess) it will run stuff at very high res where the Geforce won't, but how often do you run anything at 1600x1200? :). You can rest assured Leadtek is good stuff.

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