Connected to Wireless Connection 2 instead of 1? Why, can't I connect

Connected to Wireless Connection 2 instead of 1? Why, can't I connect to wireless connection 1 instead of wireless connection 2? The reason i want to do this is because I have 2 laptops and 1 netbook. The oldest hp laptop is connected to wireless 1. The acer netbook is connected to wireless 1. And my best laptop is connected to wireless 2? The problem is, this laptop displays like 5 or more available wireless connections and i am wondering if it is because it is wireless connection 2? I want it so there is not so many listings of weak wireless connections, and also do not want my laptop connected to wireless connection 2.... I hope someone understands and can help me out, thanks a million. And also, the main connection that i connect to has an exactly the same alternative Signal name that is weak as heck on this laptop? What is happening?
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    If you uninstalled and re-installed the wireless network adapter, it may come in as wireless connection 2, unless you have 2 wireless adapters on the laptop for some reason. Then just disable the oldest hardware.

    Unless you are talking about the wireless signals you are connecting to, then just double-click on the one you want to connect, it will switch over to that one.

    Signal strength will vary by the wireless hardware you have on the computers how far away it is form the router, how much interference there is from walls, stray signals, etc...
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