Low FPS in Sims 3

Just installed a GTX 660 card in my wifes PC. I was watching her play and noticed that things aren't rendering as fast as I would expect them to, saw some jerkiness when she was moving around on the screen. I had her turn FPS on, its in the 50's when shes not moving, when she moves, it drops into the 20's and lower at times.

With this card, she should be well over 100 FPS even with all settings at maximum.

I checked to make sure it was running on PCIE 2.0, it is.

Her comp specs:

Windows 7 pro 64 bit
AMD Athlon II x2 2.8 gHz dual core
GeForce GTX 660

Any ideas of things I can check?
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  1. Appears like the CPU is bottlenecking. Look at the CPU usage while playing Sims 3, if it's on the high numbers, then there you have it.

    You'll want to OC it to remedy the bottleneck a bit.
  2. is that the 5600x2 athlon?
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