Replacing my HD7850, help me decide

After many hours of frustration, Google searching, minidump analyzing, unacceptable drivers and disappointment I’ve decided to replace my VTX3D HD7850 2GB OC edition. I don’t want to go back to ATI anymore.

Since my price range isn’t big, I was thinking of purchasing a MSI GeForce GTX660 2GB Twin Frozr III OC but I’m a bit concerned of its factory OC status since I had a bad experience with ATI. I don’t really care about OC and I don’t consider my self a hardcore gamer but I need a good and stable graphics card which doesn’t have a billion problem posts over the internet in order to last couple of years.

What do you guys think? Sorry for the “yet another HD7850 thread", its my last one i swear :P.
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  1. i have the gigabyte windforce oc gtx660 and its great. i actually had a few driver stability issues, crashes to desktop but they are resolved with the latest 314 version driver, it even OC's higher with just a driver update. It performs similarly to the 7870 so its a slight upgrade of the 7850. I got fed up with amd too with my amd 6850's and i can tell you the nvidia card has a lot smoother playability. unfortunately smoothness and playability isn't represented in most reviews, its all about what FRAPS records as an average framerate. Nvidia cards offer much more stable frame latencies within similar tier gpu's. I would like to know what the rest of your system specs are, just in case its not a problem with your gpu, as there are quite a few happy owners of 7850's.
  2. Thanks for the reply iam2thecrowe, i really appreciate your feedback.

    My rigs specs are:

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
    CPU: Intel i5 3450P
    RAM: 8GB Kingston
    HDD: Kingston SSD Hyper-X 120GB
    PSU: Corsair TX650
    OS: Windows 8 Professional x64

    I previous had the card on my old computer since i was planning to upgrade (the card was the first upgrade part) and i had the same issues.I thought it could be my old CPU bottlenecking so i waited until i get all the parts but the results where the same (random BSOD, driver restarts). Even if the card is the problem and by RMA it fixes the issues i don’t want to go back to ATI. I’ve tried many things including monitoring my temperatures which are fine.
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