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Hi all,

I have a very weird problem and I can't find any answers anywhere on the interwebs. I'll try to outline all my troubleshooting over the last few months, but it may be a bit convoluted and not necessarily in the order in which I did it.

I have a home built HTPC with win7 32bit. It was working great for a couple years. All of a sudden TV shows turned purple. It actually turns my whole display a purplish hue, even when I exit WMC, until I restart. Even TV shows that had recorded and played fine weeks earlier would be purple when played. I can't remember everything I tried initially, but I eventually found a fix and in the Nvidia settings; there was something to the effect of use Nvidia color settings, not the program color settings. This kind of worked except the video was really laggy and blurry. I thought maybe my video card was fried so I tried the onboard video on my MB. That didn't work. I bought a new video card, that didn't work. At some point I discovered that the problem only happened when I was at full screen. I tried a couple different TV tuner cards, same thing. I tried Hauppauge's software. Same thing, it looked ok in less than full screen, turned purple when I maximized the window. I've tried to get help from both Microsoft and EVGA (my new video card was from them). Microsoft said it was my video card. EVGA said it was my power supply, or potentially my MB. So, I got a new MB and power supply. I just got everything up and working, even reinstalling windows and no luck. As soon as I went to live TV it turned purple. This time though it was in a less than full size window, so I'm going backwards.

Anyway, does anyone have any clues, ideas, anything that I should try? My wife's upset because she can't record and watch her TV shows anymore and that I've spent more money on this computer and it still doesn't work. I'm at my wits end!
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  1. I should have also said in there that other video formats work fine. DVD, Netflix, etc.
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