all newer maxtor hard drive owners!

do you guys notice that it's quite a bit louder than other hard drives? i had an IBM 15gb before and now have two fo the 40gb maxtors and they are quite a bit louder. i never really have a problme with loud hard drives but i was just wondering if you guys noticed it too. i don't think it's a fluke because i ahve two of them and they both make the sound.

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  1. No problems here. My friends both had IBM 60GXP's and thought that mine were really quiet compared to theirs.

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  2. i can barely hear my maxtor

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  3. Quote:
    i can barely hear my maxtor

    Now that's a quote Maxtor need to use.

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  4. lol, yea it sounds like an advertisment hehehe

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  5. Heh I have a new D740X, it definitely makes a different sound from my Seagate Baracuda, but any sound from that is drowned out by the CoolerMaster DCD-4002 hard disk cooler. It does make some nice sounds during operation, but I don't think these are like the "click-of-death" experienced by IBM users and they are kind of comforting in a way. I'm just looking forward to the sound of 4 of them writing in parallel :smile:
  6. my d740x 40 gig is quieter than my old 10 gig maxtor.
    and WAYY faster.
    not sure, because i have no way to test the DB, but i think it might be quieter than my friends 120 gig wd.
    BUT that might be innacurate, seeing as my ear isnt a DB meter.
    but i think that the d740x is a pretty quiet drive.


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  7. My D740x's (they have liquid bearings though) are barely audible...used to have IBM 75GXP, and that thing wouldn't let me fall asleep if I let it on while it was reading/writing.

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  8. yeah, mine is the regular bb one, and it is rather quiet.
    the read/write i can hear, but not with the case on, and definately not with the 120mm case fan on.
    i can fall asleep with that thing defragging, or doing some sort of benchmark.


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  9. new Maxtor drive have acustic mangement you can make it quiter with a performance hit with a simple utillity u can pick up on the web site... faster acess times ur gonna get bit more noise

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