hey guys, I am really scratching my head whether to buy a new motherboard that is ASROCK Z77 PRO3 and radeon 7850hd. or just buy A gtx 660 non ti and buy motherboard later. I am Having INTEL CORE I5 2500K and I made a blunder and bought intel DH67BL MOTHERBOARD now I have some money to spend , so I cant decide wether to buy ASROCK Z77 PRO3 and radeon 7850hd or just buy single gtx 660 non ti and buy mobo later. my screen resolution is 1440x900 and iam thinking that 7850hd is enough for me to play games at ULTRA settings. so plz give reply soon. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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  1. howdy, I think you should pick up the asrock mobo, 7850 and some cheap air cooler for the cpu and start overclocking :) I got my 2550k to 4.8 I'm trying to get it to 5 lol
  2. so iam bying asrock mobo and 7850hd. will gtx 660 can hav gr8 performance increase in 1440x900 resolution compare to 7850hd.
  3. Yes gtx 660 is way faster than hd 7850.but for your resolution hd 7850 is enough for your high gaming and also you can easily overclock hd 7850.
  4. I agree with ASHISH65 7850 will suit you better for those resolutions
  5. so, can I play crisis 3 on ultra using 7850hd , and can arsock z77 pro3 overclock i5 2500k.
  6. so, can I play crisis 3 on ultra using 7850hd , and can arsock z77 pro3 overclock i5 2500k.
  7. Yes it can play may be around 50-55 fps but can't say about 60fs above as you know how demanding crysis 3 is.
  8. so iam buying ati radeon 7850hd and later on crossfire down the road . but can u suggest cheapest z77 chipset having crossfire support.
  9. all z77 chipsets support crossfire and sli. back in the day motherboards had option for only one but not anymore
  10. the problem is that asrock z77 pro 3 one pci slot running at x16 and other is running at x4 . this msi board looks good have a look:
  11. true well get this one

    with a single card you will get 16x, with two it will split 8x/8x

    16 lanes is the lga 1155 limitation...if you want more lanes you need to get lga 2011 motherboard cpu and ram
  12. this is way out of my budget, please suggest me little cheaper board.
  13. Sorry my work is done here, search for z77 motherboards and make sure they support 16x/0x and 8x/8x that will fit your budget. you have to pay a little more to have 8x/8x vs 16x/4x
  14. ok thanx.
  15. Do not get asrock mobo as service support is not good in india.look for asus,giga,msi.
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