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Graphic Card for Intel DH67BL mother board with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2310 CPU @ 2.90GHz processor & 16gb Corsair Ram
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  1. Hello Every 1 why there is no one to reply
  2. state your budget brother and your
  3. Well first its hard to move forward without really describing what you are after. Do you want a new card? Do you have an issue with your current setup? In order for us to help you we need a little to go off of other than your computers specifications.
  4. 8-10K India
  5. I m a designer works little with 3d and after effects
  6. Oh okay so he is looking for a new card. The strongest card at that price range I would say would be the 650Ti. There is also the 7770 if you prefer AMD but the 650Ti is the stronger card and better value in this discussion.
  7. Will this card compatible with Intel DH67BL mother board
  8. yes it is compatible with the motherboard you are using.
  9. spend 12k and buy an hd 6870 from flipkart.....

    it has amazing over the top performance for its price....
    and in india, the gtx 650 is overpriced....

    go for hd6870 and you wont regret.......
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