What GPU should I use for my new build?


BUDGET RANGE: (Up to 250 without tax)

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming [BF3, TF2, BLOPS2, Borderlands 2], home theater/watching movies)

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: RADEON HD 7750 1gb ddr3 and Corsair CX500W


i5 3570k with stock cooling
matx msi z77ma g-45
4gb ddr3 ram

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg.ca or canadacomputers.com or ncix.ca


PARTS PREFERENCES: I need an NVidia card. I'm tired of ATi drivers.




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I just want to get 60+fps in practically every single game on 1680 x 1050.
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  1. your budget is too low to justify the upgrade
  2. 7870 or 7870XT depending on sales will give you a big boost
  3. You could snatch a GTX 660.
  4. You could also take a look at a new 1920 x 1080 monitor. Use the lower resolution monitor for desktop / email / web etc and game on the higher resolution monitor. You probably could also get an 8GB (2x4) and a new monitor for $250.

  5. The thing is, I NEED to upgrade. This card has been crashing and artificating.

    Could you give me some good suggestions on what card would be amazing on 1680 x1050?

    Without a budget.. (but be reasonable)
  6. You can probably find a gtx 660 for 250 Canadian dollars (or less).

    Just some personal input from me, I think with the latest Catalyst 13.1 drivers AMD has done a good job, have noticed performance boosts and no errors or glitches. I would actually recommend you to buy a HD 7870 which outperforms the 660 with the latest drivers and is roughly the same price. But hey it's up to you to do what you want.
  7. Just don't know D:

    I've always stayed with Nvidia, but I decided to try AMD/ATi out and bought the 7750.

    I'm not getting great performance with the card, and every time I boot my system up..I see random faint verticle lines that go on for like 5 mins and in order for them to stop...the drivers have to crash.
  8. It could be that the card itself is faulty. I once had the same problem contacted the seller and they replaced the card for me and it worked fine! Also you don't buy a 7750 (which is a budget card) expecting great performance lol. 7750 is goof for people who game at 720p.
  9. Well I asked for a suggestion on this very board, a few months ago. All of them told me that 7750 was perfect for my resolution. Lol.

    Well actually it's because I didn't upgrade my PSU at the time.

    Will 660 do well under my resolution? And play the games I play on at 60+fps with good settings?
  10. get nvidia titan.
  11. Get a 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor for ~$110 for sale on Newegg and then sell your current card for ~$50, sell your monitor for ~$50 and put the $240 towards a 7870.
  12. I don't need to get a new monitor, I'm fine with the current monitor I have right now.

    I can't get an Nvidia Titan (I can't tell if you all are joking or not). That's 1000 dollars and it cosumes a lot of energy.

    As I said before I want an Nvidia card.

    I want a card that would do great under 1680 x1050 without breaking the bank (max 350 tbh)
  13. Getting titan is absolutely stupid for gamers like me. Especially that a crossfire 7970 ($200 less!) is faster and game better than the titan.

    Do not change your monitor and grab a 660. End of story.
  14. in case you did not see here is a repost as this the best suggestion so far

    7870 or 7870XT depending on sales will give you a big boost
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