HD 7950 flicker problem in Witcher 2...

I have a HD 7950 and am experiencing some flickering in Witcher 2, even at stock clock. However, I've ran a whole bunch of benchmarks (3dmark11, Unigine heaven, OCCT, furmark) and played several games (Dragon Age Origin, Sleeping Dogs, Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders 2, Metro 2033) without any issues, even when overclocked.

Tried updated to the newest driver, still no avail.

So I've decided to plug in my 5770 and see if the flicker still persist.

Now, do I just install it onto the second PCI slot? How will the system know which graphics card to use?

I don't want having to unplug my 7950 if possible.
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  1. i think its a game issue
    you can try enabling v sync
    but as you said it doesnt happen in other games so its not your computer but that particular badly written game
  2. I transfer the game file to my other computer (with the 5770), played it and found no flicker. I want to see if it is indeed the game issue or some sort of incompatibility with my current system. That's why I want to plug in the 5770 and see if the flicker still persist. I just don't know how to change the default to 5770, without having to uninstall the 7950. Basically I want to just plug in the 5770 without having to remove the 7950 and make the computer use the 5770.
  3. I have been noticing the same thing on my Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X. I am starting to think its the game because I can play Crysis 3 on max with none of this. Its annoying but I love the Witcher >_<
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