Gtx 660 ti clocked Vs. HD 7950 Boost clock


Like the title says, I need som help with desideing what videocard to buy.

I only use my computer for gameing, and I play on one screen in 1920x1080.

Should I pick the gtx 660 ti clocked or the 7950 boost clocked card?

Of the 2 cards I been looking at the;

MSI GeForce GTX 660TI Power Edition

And the

HIS Radeon HD 7950 IceQ X2 Boost Clock

They cost about the same in my country.

It dosent have to be the MSI og HIS card, I just need to know, what card is best for game on one screen and in 1920x1080, the GTX 660 ti clocked or the HD 7950 boosted? :)
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  1. get a 7950 you will be able to make it run like a 7970 with overclocks
    of course you will get mixed answers as ppl like amd or nvidia aka fanboyism xD
  2. The 7950 is a better choice.....especially when overclocked.
  3. I agree you could definitely go with the Radeon HD 7950 if you'd like. Both cards are pretty much toe to toe, with some games better optimized for the GTX 660 Ti and some games better optimized for the Radeon HD 7950 so it'll depend on the games you play. I'd recommend looking up some benchmarks on the specific games you play, but overall either way is a good choice and either way you should be able to play all of today's games at high/ultra settings at 1080p.
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