temp problem with my EVGA GTX 560 ds ssc

hello ,
please guys i need some help to know if that is normal or not
first my spec:
I5 3470 3.2 GHz
Ram 4 GB 1600 MHz Kingstone Hyper X
Gigabyte P75M-D3
PSU Cooler Master Extreme 525 Watt
HDD 500 GB
Chassis Cooler Master K280
my problem with the gpu is the the temp is very high in games even when i play on high setting (not Ultra)
it reach 80-83 C , while i put the fan speed in 70%,Games Like Ghost Recon Future soldier , Far cry3 , Sleeping dogs ..etc
i always afraid to play more than 1 hour and exit the game for afew minutes then play again
i have a cooler master 120mm fan in the side of the chassis for more cooling for the gpu , and fan speed using msi after burner , put it 70%
all this and the temp still around 80-85 , i feel like if i play on ultra the card will blow up , my screen resolution is 1280*1024
i play in 1024*768 with a bad graphic to avoid the high temp , cant enjoy the games cuz of that
some tell me is that normal?
when i but games on higher res , the temp goes 90-92 , the fps is very good , but the temp annoying me , also the fan voice very high , makes me dont want to play , idle temp 30-35
here's a fan control i made , tell me if there's some thing wrong in it

is that temp is fine? is that becoause its a Super clocked card? i read before that all EVGA cards have bad cooling
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  1. the card load and work very fine with max setting or ultra setting
    my only problem is the temp

    Load=98 %
    Fan = 70%
    Temp =83 C
    is this good for 70% an speed? or it should be lower? or i should go for higher fan speed?


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