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I have a abit kt7a raid with a 1ghz 200 fsb (512genaric 133ram. I have gone threw 4 hard drives in the last 6 months. I will load windows and all the drivers (4-1) on to my new ibm deathstar everything will work well for about a month. After that my computer will start to crash and when I try to install anything it will just reboot about half way threw the install (games.) This has happend with 2 diff. deathstars. This has also happend with a seagate drive and a old maxtor that was in a old server that was running. All the drives but the maxtor were ata 100 7200 rpm 40gig drives. The maxtor was 5400 6gig. I have not up dated the bois. I am starting to think its not the hard drives. I have always put the drives on master and gave them there own IDE cable. The only other IDE thing I had in my box was a cd rom that I put on its own cable on IDE 2. Could I please get some help????

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  1. It is really difficult that a software can destroy an HDD. Check your power supply unit (particularly the output voltage values) or the flat cables.
    It is very difficult to understand the problems without enough indication. Did you try the HDD on other computers ?
    Did the HDD make some strange noise ? Does the Bios recognize the HDD ?
  2. my power sup. is 300 what is the voltage output values. The maxtor was in a running server all the other drives were new. No noise. And my Bios has seen them all. Could it be the old Bios. Like I said it works for a while. Its like the files are getting messed up.

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  3. I have also used the testing software from Ibm and seagate. The drives pasted but I still took them back. On one deathstar I loaded windows about 4 times in two months.
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