Help needed

bought Lenovo G580 integrated gpu
have express PCI slot bus
want to upgrade external 2 gb gpu card
will it be possible
help needed
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  1. yes you can get 7750
  2. alvine said:
    yes you can get 7750

    requesting to elaborate more
    is the graphics card actually fits in lappy, will the lappy software recognize the added graphics card??
    some folks saying not possible
  3. oh no i thought you were talking about a desktop
    you can't upgrade laptop graphics
    if you want to game sell it and get a desktop
  4. please move to laptop forum
  5. please move to laptop forum
  6. I don't see how this would be possible at all. There's no way this laptop could be upgraded as it only comes with Intel Graphics. I don't think there would be any possibility to do an external graphics.

    No, buy/build a desktop.
  7. yes laptop
    I heard somewhere that the laptops having PCI express card slot can add graphics card afterwards.
    is it true??
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