Why can i access hotmail on my iphone but not on my home computer?


I have been experiencing a frustrating problem with my home computer over the last few months...

I can not access Windows Live Messenger, it will not connect. I can visit hotmail.com but not delete or send any e-mails.
I can also not access Windows Update. When I search for updates it comes back with error 80072EE2.
I also have problems accessing secure websites where I need to pay for something, e-Bay, paypal, make payments off Credit Cards.

However I can access all websites on my iPhone over the same Wi-Fi. I took the same laptop to 2 other addresses and it works fine at both and able to access all webpages etc!

I am running Windows 7 and have tried IE, Safari and Firefox, all with same problems.
I am with o2 home broadband and have been with them for years with no problems. I have replaced the router, and have another new router on the way, but am expecting the same problems!

I have tried turning off the firewall, still no luck.

I am considering leaving o2 and trying another provider but that will cost me more money so am hoping someone may have an answer....
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  1. Nope no luck

    I think it must be a setting in the network connection (currently set as home network)

    Any other ideas?
  2. Nope that couldn't fix it

    Now it gets even more confusing. I did a WINSOCK reset and now I cant access hotmail at all, facebook on IE but can on Safari, cant access my banks on IE but can on Safari but still cant make payments through Safari...
  3. i have been having a similar problem. i can get into my hotmail on my mac with safari, but i can't do anything, and it appears as one long list when i'm in my inbox. i can go to options from there but not another e-mail folder or open the e-mails. when i check my computer on an hp though internet explorer, i can get in and do what i need to without any problems. i've even tried changing my background there but it did nothing when logging in from my mac. i also sent e-mails to hotmail. when the owner of the hp tries to check his hotmail from my mac, he is in and can do everything normally, so i think it's a hotmail issue and maybe depends on each account's settings or something. they probably updated recently and it messed up accounts with certain settings. that's all i can come up with. it's been like this for a few weeks with no change.
  4. after seeing the dates on these posts, i'm not sure if this is still relevant, but i've found the answer. it is a hotmail setting.

    if you do this, you should be able to fix it without changing your internet provider and paying more...

    -In your crippled version of hotmail, you scroll down on the left side. You will find an options link.
    -click on that one, and it will fold out.
    -click on the 'more options'.
    -scroll down to advanced privacysettings
    -click on the settings for 'https use"
    -change it back to using 'HTTP' instead of https
    -now it should work properly.
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