Evga gtx 550 ti FPB info

hello, i have just received my gtx 550 ti today and i have noticed that at full load the memory only runs at 2178mhz as i have looked at the specs the card should be running at 4356mhz.

in nvidia's control panel is says:

graphics clock=951

processor clock=1903

memory data rate=4356

full load in oc scanner and precision it only runs half of what it is or am i reading the specs wrong

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  1. the card use only what it need , it doesnt has to use all its power while playing a game or something , for example: my card in some games load 40% only and in some other games full load to 98% , the usage of the card depends on what u play , what u need to worry about is if the card cant run games well , or it get low fps ....etc
  2. ok thanks for that i at the minute have only played gta 4 benchmark was average of 66 fps does that about right for this card

  3. 66 fps very good
    try something harder , like Battlefield 3 on ultra , or farcry3 on ultra
    u will get fps 30 or higher i think
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