Do you know what graphics card fits into this catagory

i would like to know what the best graphics card that has these specs and requirements would be

pci-e 3.0

max spend 150 maybe higher if you find a good deal slightly more still list

1 6pin power connector

play bf3 and farcry 3 on med/high

please list your answer below
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  1. I would recommend AMD's HD 7850 it's PCI-e 3. So the HD 7850 uses one 6 pin power connector and you get 2 gigabytes of GGDDR5 memory which is a steal at $175. Unfortunately for you the only thing cheaper is a 7770 and i really wouldn't recommend the card because when you go that low on the spectrum your performance per dollar really starts to drop. So i would highly recommend this choice over a 650 or a 660 from nvidia due to their memory bandwidth nottlenecks. Here is a decent 7850 for $175(after rebate)

    I hope i helped!

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