Different games on GTS 250

So i would need an opinion, since i've got like this:
I3-2100 3.10 GHz
GTS 250 1 GB
Now i would like to know some limits, since i dont want to kill my GPU, at least not soon, hehe.
I would like to know what is the max res and the other things ( graphic quality, shadow, etc) are the maximum i can use on GTS 250, without having a problem or concern that my GPU may be killed like this, in this games:
-Crysis 2
-Black Ops 2
-GTA 4
-Medal of Honor Warfighter
-Ghost Recon:Future Soldier
I usually play with 1280x1024 resolution, it works with an average of 40 fps, but i would like to know if can work with a bigger resolution, like 1680x1050, for example at BF3. I really want to know, dont wanna risk.
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  1. There is no risk. The game will either play fine or you will experience laggy and choppy video. If your monitor will support the new resolution, then the Video card will work..Just not as well as a more powerful card.
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    It should be impossible to damage a GPU by over working it.

    The only way to kill a gpu is to overheating it (the fans clogs and you dont clean it), your case has very little ventelation)
    Overclock it, over clocking and over volting can damage a GPU, but your not doing that so its not an issue.

    You should run the highest resolution and highest graphics settings the computer can. If the game stutters or lags, turn the games graphics settings down.
  3. So for example, if i can run BF3 at ultra almost all, with max res, 1920x1080, with an average of 30 fps, it should do the work? What if i record? Would be advised at highest res? With my GPU, that would be pretty laggy.
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