Muti monitor Gaming on Gigabyte GTX660oc

Hey guys,
i want to set up 3 monitor gaming setup. i got a gigabyte GTX 660 oc but all nvidia cards only got 2gigs of ram.
Will it be able to handle 3 monitors for gaming.
my other options are to get another 660 to pair up in sly.
thx in advance.
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  1. 3 monitor surround can be done on 660's in SLI but it wont be good. The 660 is just not powerful enough. The 660ti in SLI is boarder line. You really need 670's SLI or better to get decent FPS.
  2. oops...
    looks like i'll have to wait then...
    for the next upgrade....
    didnt consider the multi monitor option when buying the card.
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