HP Pavilion a1750y

I can't get the PCIe graphics card to work using a DVI card. I can get the computer to boot using a PCIe/VGA card, can't get it to boot using a PCIe/DVI card. I checked the BIOS, and it came with a PCIe/DVI card. I replaced the card, same results. Tested the memory, power supply and checked all connections. I tried a different monitor. I have never seen this before, could it be the PCIe slot? I would think if it's going to work with a VGA it should work with a DVI.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Bye Dennis
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  1. What make/model of video card are you trying to install? Also, are you connecting to your display with a DVI to DVI cable?
  2. The person who uses the computer was using an adapter to change the DVI to VGA connector. So I installed a PCIe VGA card and all is well.

    Thanks for the input.
    Bye Dennis
  3. Sounds good. Have fun! Sounds like the adapter was plugged into a DVI-D port that can convert the required analog signals required for VGA (that requires a DVI-I port).
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