Monitor Resolution 7000 Second Revert Timer

Hey guys,

I've got a strange one here. I work for a small IT business that builds PC's for home consumer

use. We have a standard computer build that we make and sell that performs fine. (asus f1a55-m

lx plus r2.0 mobo, AMD a8-5600k proc, Radeon HD 6000 onboard video).

We've build hundreds identical to this, but this morning I came across one that had a peculiar

problem. Any time you go to change the monitor's resolution (on any monitor), the timer for it

to revert back if it goes out of range is set at 7000 seconds (as opposed to the standard 30).

I've never before come across something like this. I looked through every configuration setting

known, and exhausted my google resources as well. I can't find anything at all on this subject.

Have any of you ever come across something like this? I've already made sure all drivers and

updates are up to date, so I'm a bit stumped on this one.

I appreciate any help you could provide.

Thank you.
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  1. Have you tried installing the manufacturer's driver posted on their site for the monitor? If you are using the driver shipped with it or using the Windows Update driver...... sometimes those are the issue. Can't say I have ever seen this though.
  2. @Skit: I had a similar thought previous to posting this, and did update the proper driver for the monitor we were using from the manufacturer's website. It didn't solve the issue, and the issue persisted over multiple monitors that we've tested in addition to the stock one that we use. Thanks for the suggestion though, I know it's a strange one.
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