Webcam wont work on xp pro sp3

Hello,i have a AMD 64 3500+ athlon with 2 hard drives....when i plug my usb webcam in it wont detect it....i have downloaded the drivers from the site just in case it needed it but when i run the driver it says webcam not detected...i check device manager and there is nothing there...i have plugged other devices in my ports to make sure they are working and everything is cam is a trust primo i have just bought it as my other wasnt working when i plugged it would light up and sound but again windows cant detect it .....the trust primo has sound doesnt light up unless i unplug it then i get a little flash of puzzled can anyone help .....thanks lynn
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  1. Are you certain you downloaded the proper driver for windows xp?
    Also, Can you provide us with the 5 digit Item # so we know exactly which trust primo webcam we are working with. Thanks.
  2. the webcam is a trust primo 17405....and yes i got the driver from them ... the other problem is windows wont detect it automaticly when i plug it in
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