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I want to spend around 300 dollars not much more and I want the best card for the money. I would like to not have many opinions and more of proof why a card is better than the other ones because i know there is a huge debate on whether or not Nvidia is better than AMD or vice versa.
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  1. Nvidia and AMD are always leap frogging each other so theres no pinpoint answer to that.(Just that AMD are known for multimonitors cause of their amount of RAM). All depends on you, gtx 660 ti?
  2. I'd get a 7950 instead of the 660ti simply because it has SUCH massive overclocking headroom.

    If you don't factor that in, then the two cards perform roughly similar, which means the prize goes to the 660ti for noise and frame latency.
  3. How bout the sapphire 7950 vapor-x?
  4. I'd go with a 7950 as well. It can overclock to stock 7970 speeds, and the stock 7970 is on par if not better than a 670.
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