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Gigabyte 7970 won't work.

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February 20, 2013 7:21:15 PM

Hey !

I recently bought new Gigabyte 7970 OC, but i can't get it work.

The problem is that when i try to boot with the card, all i get is just serval restarts, and black display saying: "No input signal" My Windows 7 Ultimate x64 won't boot.
Fan's of the card do spin.

I used to have Nvidia gt 440, and it worked fine, but i decided to upgrade to beter card.
I used few other cards for test:

Club Raedon HD 3450: Worked
Club Raedon HD 5450: Worked

Raedon X850 PRP: Worked
(I was rely surprised about that, cause that card is so old, and it has been in my brothers toy box last 2 years. :/  )

And, Gigabyte Radeon HD 7750: This card has a same problem.
But i get 7750 work, by setting my CPU and Memory to default frequency.
However, this card causes system crash sometimes, when computer is highly loaded. (Gaming) Also i get weird pixel storm in games.

With 7970 I have tried also CMOS clearing, and CPU underclocking. Still same prob.
And what comes to bad drivers, it doesn't mater cause i can't go even that far in booting.
Sadly i don't have mobo's POST alarm, or any led's in it.

I don't have another rig to test if that is faulty card. I don't even think that is faulty..

My guess is that my PSU can be faulty.
That because all low end card works properly, and little problems appear with 7750 (400w)
Other cards only draws around 300w

My rig:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Intel core i7 3770
Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, 32gb Quad
OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
Corsair CX 750w PSU

I really hope that i get 7970 work, before time go past it :/ 

Any help is appreciated !
I will post more info if needed.

Im using now 7750, and i did just, 10 seconds ago, get sudden black screen, where i saw my mouse, and it was blinking ?
Then i get message: "Google Crhome crashed, do you wanna restart it ?"

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February 20, 2013 10:01:06 PM

you got a friend with a setup you can test the card in?
I think you've got the right idea with the thought of a faulty psu or gpu(more so), seeing as all lower cards are working.
February 24, 2013 7:36:53 AM

Sounds like a psu problem to me.. I just recently had my psu go bad. It would restart after about 30mins. Sometimes less. I then took out my gpu and ran the pc again so it would be less strain on my psu so I would know which was faulty(gpu or psu). My pc stayed on a few hours without kicked off, much longer than the original 30mins with card in.. which told me it was the psu. Replaced psu and everything ran fine again.

My suggestion is to test that card in a friends rig or a local shop or if thats not an option you can do a series of tests with your next highest power requirement card. You can try running benchmarks such as 3dmark to make the components use more power to see if another card can replicate the issue. If it does, then its def psu.