Possible Bricked 670GTX?

Hello Everyone!

I have looked everywhere for solutions to my current issue with one of my 670GTX's. Basically about three days ago I was playing BF3 when the game froze(after about 40 sec in game) and I could not recover so I did a hard reset. During the reboot I checked my fans to make sure they were all spinning and before relaunching the game checked all the temps on my mobo/gfx card/ram etc. Which were all fine. So I then again started up BF3 and pretty much the exact same thing happened, only this time upon re-entry into windows My SLI(Nvidia control panel didn’t see the other card) was disabled and Windows Device manager showed that one of the graphics cards as having a fault code of “43”.

I did all the standard things you would do, remove drivers, safe mode boot etc. None of those things helped. So I decided to remove the “good” card completely and pop the one in question in its place as primary. That’s when I got the dreadful VGA hardware issue tone's from my mobo.

Basically what I am trying to figure out is if there is anything I may have overlooked as far as drivers or settings? Or is it RMA time?

Any Idea's would be greatly appreciated!

CPU: Intel i7 3930K @4.8GHZ
MOBO: Asus Sabertooth X79
RAM: 16GB of Corsair Vengeance
HDD: Intel 120GB SSD & WD 1TB Caviar Black
VIDEO: 2x Gigabyte WindForce 670 GTX OC (SLI)
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  1. Well if the system does not detect the card even with just the one installed I would say yes it is time for a RMA. I know that is not what you wanted to hear but i think that is your best bet.
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