What low-profile graphics card should I get?

I want to be able to play games on decent settings with a decent fps. I have a 220w powersupply that came with this computer and I am getting a 350w power supply from my friend, so hopefully by next month I will have my 350w psu in my computer. What graphics card should I get? My computer is an hp pavilion slimline s3420f: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/ho/WF06b/12132708-12133156-12133158-12133158-12133158-81669815-81977919.html?dnr=1

Any suggestions? I don't have enough money to buy a whole new computer.... so yea :/
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  1. amd 7750 low profile

    its the fastest low profile gpu you can currently get. best of all it is priced around $105-$130. look them up
  2. will it fit in my computer or in the pci slot?
  3. i have no clue,but i would guess yes it would.

    but... you need to know the measurements of the area inside your hp case and compare those to what particular low pro card you find. maybe hp has some kind of info on the pcie slot and its size limits.
  4. nikoli707 is correct. There are at least three models of low-profile HD7750 cards available, and at least one of them (Sapphire's) is also single-slot width. Make sure it has GDDR5; I believe Powercolor has at least one model (not sure if it's LP) that is an abomination with DDR3.
  5. Sorry, I'm new to this kind of stuff, but how do I find if I have a DDR3 or DDR5.
  6. why GDDR5?
  7. that his icooler is probably the best, its gddr5, has a great cooler.

    now, this may not apply to you, but most people using low profile gpu's are using them in mini itx cases(ultra small computer cases). ive seen some that are as small as a nintendo wii and still fit low profile cards. these usually are htpc(home theater pc) hooked up to an hdtv. with a budget gaming cpu, a 7750 will max out every current game at 1280x720, same output resolution as 360/ps3, and is nearly double the performance as 360/ps3.
  8. chrisloza101 said:
    why GDDR5?

    GDDR5 is the fastest memory for Graphics card right now, double the performance of DDR3 graphics memory (not sure if it's double).
  9. No expert, but do any of the recommended cards run on the proposed 350w PS that chrisloza101 suggested that he was going to get? Pretty use AMD recommend 400w or greater for the HD 7750
  10. Last cycle's "$400 Spirit of Mini-ITX" build found that a rig with a Pentium G860 and a HD7750, overclocked, pulled 113W from the wall. Even if you double the CPU draw and add a few more fans and drives, you'll be fine.
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