New card but after reboot the screen is blank.

Need help!

Installed my AMD HD 7979 Ghz edition.
The computer starts up, I get the windows and the small 5 dots circling. Then screen goes black and stays there.

Works just fine with integrated card of the mobo.

i7 3770k
Corsair HX850
Win 8

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  1. Have you installed drivers for it yet?
  2. Ok. So magically it started working.
    Now however I have the black line around my monitor, eventhough I installed all the drivers and everything. How do I get rid of it?

    Another problem just came up. If I restart the computer it never boots back up. The only way to get back to WIN 8 is to go into BIOS and exit it without changes
  3. So everything has resolved by it self. Now what I have is the black lines around the edge. Basically picture not filling in the monitor. How can I fix that?
  4. Some one must know???
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    exxDUDExx said:
    Some one must know???

    Adjust the size in Scaling Options.
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