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I am just looking for a video card to play games like Team Fortress 2, Brutal Legend, Halo 2, and Crysis on my PC. My biggest concern is just being able to play those games without any lag. With that being said, its not a huge issue if I cannot play games at their max settings.

The links at the bottom are currently the ones I am looking at. My worry is that the price of the GTS450 is to good to be true so I would like a second opinion. I currently hook my PC to a 40inch TV via an HDMI cable.

My PC is currently sporting a Pentium(R) duel core CPU with 3 gigs of RAM. (I do plan to upgrade that later) Also have a 450W power supply.
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  1. I dont know but i have a GT640 (better than those cards). I play TF2 but not those other games but FYI i get around 60-70 fps in tf2 high settings.
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    I would say get a 7750 as although those other two cards are cheaper their much worse for only a bit less. Also best buy has by far the worst prices, check out newegg or amazon.

    Also seeing your PSU is only 450W and most likely a cheap model I doubt it has a PCI-E power connector to power the GTS450 which would make the 7750 the best card you can get anyways.
  3. If you have 1 PCI-e 6pin: 650ti or 7770
    If you don't have a free Pci-e 6 pin: 640 or 7750
  4. Thank you guys for helping me out! I think I will get the 7750
  5. Also some advice... don't buy from best buy unless you are getting a crazy good deal.
  6. I would only buy parts from Best Buy if I worked there. And even then quite a few parts would be cheaper online.
  7. I actually do work there haha. That's the only reason why I was looking at cheaper card there and not on Newegg. I just wish I had a free 6 pin
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  9. If you work at bestbuy then go there and get a 7850 and a PSU like this.

    Then make sure you get a GDDR5 7750 if you don't upgrade the PSU. And if you do upgrade it then chose between a 7770 or 7850. I highly recommend the 7850 because if you actually upgrade to a i5 in the future you already have everything there minus the motherboard, CPU and memory.

    CPU Cooler-

    I'm not talking about you specifically but it's funny how the people there don't have a clue what half of the stuff is. Just try to sell the most expensive thing. Stupid lady didn't even know the difference between SLI and CF. My friend that worked there (had me put a computer together for him, also bought off newegg) didn't even know what hyper threading is.
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