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I have found a budget graphics card at Novatech for roughly £20 the GeForce 210 1GB GDDR3. My question is I need a graphics card to test the graphics and display on my customers desktop PC's if they are having problems with their own graphics card. Will this graphics card also work on older desktops. Your advice is much sought after.
Thank you
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  1. Uhm... what?

    I have no idea what you're saying - but yes, you would be able to use it in an older computer.
  2. He's trying to use a low end card to test whether or not a slot works dark. It's a good method to test a slot out. Also, because it requires next to no power its nice as well as it will only rely on the slots power.
  3. depends on the problems, which there are many.

    if they complain "my games don't play well" you may have problems isolating the problem because of the bottom feeder card.

    older machines, yes, if they have a pci-e slot.... depends on the board. some only have pci slots and some are agp.
  4. But judging by the way he was describing his issue I would think it would be something like a slot issue or display issue.
  5. if somebody says "my customers" i would think you should have the right "tools" to get the job done, whatever that job may be.
  6. Right but Its pretty normal for people that work on computers to have a cheap card standing by in case a slot is in question.
  7. I think it was tek syndicate or linus or one of the two that had a video about this quite recently.
  8. agree.

    also, post link to vid if you find it/them. like to read and see new stuff as much as possible.
  9. Yea if I find it I'll forward the link or post it it may take a while to find since teksyndicate videos are pretty long.
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