Best GPU under $185

What is the best Graphics Card under $185 on I prefer NVIDIA, and it has to be PCI-Express...

I was looking at this

but am open to all ideas

Thanks For Your Time :)
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    They are many 660 (non-ti) at 220$ so i suggest to wait 2 week to get the 660 as it's really faster than the 650 and also a lot faster than the 650ti...

    I you can't go higher than 185$ grab a 650TI version, the ti is about double the 650 power even if it's downclocked over the 650 non-ti...
  2. For that money I would get an AMD 7850 1 GB or 2 GB version, unless you really want a nVidia card.,3107.html The 650 ti is also a viable option, but the 7850 is about equal to a non ti 660 I believe.

    Oh here's a graph that shows the difference on Battlefield 3. Sumukh_Bhagat posted it on another thread. Also if it matters to you the 7850 comes with Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider right now.
  3. HD 7850 really is the best option at around 200.
  4. what are the rest of your system specs, cpu, ram etc? no point in spending lots on a card if something else in your system will bottleneck it? PSU also make and model, to make sure its up to the task of powering the card you pick. But for under $185 the 650ti is about your only option, its good enough for medium detail - (high quality for some older less demanding games) settings at 1080p. the gtx650 is a bit of a crappy card, you dont get much performance for your
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