Graphics Driver Installation Filed ( BSOD or Error ) - [SOLVED]

Overall instruction for Reinstall / Update Graphics Driver.

Sucseeded on NVIDIA, may be actual for AMD too (my previous AMD adapter has almost the same installation problems in Windows 8).


- BSOD during Re/Install procedure (at the new driver applying phase)
- Installation failure of other components from the pack (HD Audio, PhysX, etc.)
- Manual driver installation failure: "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it"
- PCIe malfunction (Gen2 instead of Gen3)
- Won't install / work PhysX
- In case of system applies driver (just over old driver only and without "Clear installation"), other components of the pack won't install properly at the same time. NVIDIA Control Panel don't start.
- You had tried everithing, but installation process won't complete properly.


Main rules:

2. DON'T PUT ANY INSTALLATION PACKS of the ANY PROGRAM SETUP (*.exe) or Updates for other programs ON ANY ROOT DISK (system or not). Put it into the temporary folder with short name. If you didn't know, stop do it like this right now - it's a wrong workflow.

How to

Skip first three items, if you did not encounter problems with installation before.

1.1 Turn Off Driver Installation option from Windows Update.

1.2 Clear OS from any old drivers, that was installed before. You can use any tools to clear files, folders and registry: standard Uninstall, disk searching, CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, etc.

1.3 Reboot. You can Turn Off computer to clear RAM from previous errors.

4. ATTENTION! Put installation file (*.exe) to the any TEMP folder with short name, better at the non-system drive. But NOT to the ROOT DRIVE in any case!
For example: D:\TEMP

5. THE MAIN CHECKPOINT! Run pack "from Administrator". In the first splash window BROWSE TO ANOTHER CUSTOM SHORT NAMED FOLDER, NOT TO DEFAULT PLACE! (Welcome to oldschool computing, he-he :)
For example: D:\TEMP

6. Complete installation with custom choice of the pack components, TURN ON "Clear Install" checkbox.

7. Enjoy! Now is no need to reinstall your OS!

GOOD LUCK! And sorry for my English.
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  1. P.S.

    Additional Step for system cleaning:
    - I've got full permissions with *.reg file called "Take Ownership" on both folders "FileRepository" for Windows 8 [x64] and delete some old NVIDIA drivers folders: "nv..." or smth like that (look inside *.inf).
    Take Ownership (*.reg):
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