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My Dell studio slim will not boot up. On attempts to turn it on I get the message that there is no signal, other attempts to start in safe mode end up with a no signal after attempting a restore. On other attempts it allows me to sign in, but ends the signal to monitor after any attempt at any other operation attempt. Video card prob?
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  1. Hmm, I would go behind your computer and ensure that you don't have your cables tangled I would also make sure that you have your connection in nice and tight. Also, if that doesn't work you can try a different port sure.
  2. First, do all the basic checks, ie check connections, open up and inspect hardware, clean out dust, etc.

    If the above doesn't fix problems and you have a dedicated video card, remove and try booting without it. If you have integrated graphics, it most likely means you need to replace the motherboard.
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