Black Screen after 70 degrees GPU

Hello,(I apologize for my bad english)
. My screen goes black each time my GPU temp crosses 65-70 degrees. The screen goes black but the PC is still on because i can hear it and lights n stuff are on but can't do anything. and i have to manually restart. Just assembled the PC around 2 weeks ago. Drivers are all up2date. The ventilation is all good. For the first week it worked amazing. I tried running MSI stress test and it reboots after it hits 65-70 degrees too. Any Help guys?

XFX Radeon 7970

No issues with the ventilation.
Drivers up 2 date.
Tried shifting the slots too didn't work.

P.S It happned after i downloaded Need for Speed most wanted. But i did re-install windows not 2 hours ago and the problem still persists.
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  1. please list down all the system spec.
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