My rig isn't getting the FPS that it should, I think.

I have a decent rig, but I feel I have a bottleneck somewhere. Something is definitely fishy, anyway. So the game of the moment for me is Planetside 2. I run about 30 FPS during a busy/large battle. My friend runs and average of about 40 FPS. Here is my rig:

Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE
Asus Crosshair IV Extreme
2x Geforce 580 GTX running SLI
2x WD Velociraptor running RAID 0
16GB Corsair DDR3 2000mhz
Antec CP-1000 1000W Power Supply

My friend's rig:

Windows 7 Business Edition 64 bit
Intel i5 2500K
Asus Sabertooth P67
1x Geforce 570 GTX
1x WD Caviar Black
8GB Gskill Sniper series 1866mhz
700W Power Supply

So for some reason, on average he's running 10 FPS faster than I am. I've only tested this for Planetside, but I've felt my rig has always been surprisingly weak. Some games you'd think I'd be able to max out no problem I haven't been able to... not without really low FPS anyway.

Thoughts? What's my bottleneck?

Thanks a lot
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  1. CPU bottleneck. Hate to say it, just switched from a 1090T myself, and the 3570k is quite an improvement over it. OC the 1100T and see how much better it is. Should give ya more FPS but switching to an Intel or FX8350 would help that a lot.
  2. Yeah, Planetside 2 is very CPU dependent, especially if you get lots of players in the same area. Your CPU isn't bad, but isn't really fast enough to keep up with 2 GTX 580s unless you heavily overclock it, and even then, you will still be held back in certain CPU heavy titles like Planetside 2.
  3. even heavily oc'ing will add 4-5 fps at max.....
    for matching the performance of your friend's rig, get a more faster said above....
    get an fx awesome cpu..
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