Will SLi give me the performance I need?


Previously I was running two Nvidia Geforce GTX 560's in SLi. I recently purchased Crysis 3 with the hopes that my rig would be able to run it at high settings reasonably well as my 560's have ran basically everything else in the past on max settings wonderfully. Unfortunately this was not the case and at max settings the game is sluggish. Not game breakingly sluggish, but enough to make it a less than enjoyable experience.
I know what your probably saying- "Turn down the settings!" That would be the simplest solution but I'm the type of gamer that doesn't enjoy a game to its fullest unless I can run it how it was made to be ran.

So, to that end, I went out and purchased a new Geforce GTX 660 Ti Superclocked from Best Buy hoping it would give me the boost in performance I was hoping for. I admit, I'm not the savviest when it comes to PC hardward, and the Geek Squad guys lead me to believe that the GTX 660 Ti would easily outperform the two 560's I was running previously. Unfortunately that doesnt seem to be the case....
While there is a slightly noticable increase in framerate at max settings it isnt so much more that it justifies the $350 dollars I spent on this new card.

So, to FINALLY get to my question: If I buy a 2nd GTX 660 Ti and SLi the 2 cards will I get the performance boost I'm looking for? Or should I take back the 660 and just spend $600 on a GTX 680?

Thanks in advance for your responses!
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  1. i haven't seen much review on crysis 3 performance yet. btw what is the performance with AA and without AA?
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