Hd7970 + win8 + 3 monitors = crashing

Hey all,
I wasn't sure whether to put this in the Windows 8 forum or this one, so I guess we'll start here and mods, feel free to move it.

My system:

Sapphire Radeon hd 7970 oc (stock)
Intel i7-3770k (stock)
RAM - 16GB Gskill Sniper Gaming Series DDR3 1600
Running on Windows 8 x64
Two monitors are Asus ve228h (hdmi and dvi) and one is an old Samsung Syncmaster t220 (active dp - dvi adapter).

Not sure I need to go through the rest, but the issue is, the Samsung's max resolution is 1680x1050 so that doesnt change, but if I have the two Asus monitors at 1920x1080(their max) or the hdmi can be set to 1080p in catalyst, if I switch from a windows 8 app or the start screen to the desktop, or if I simply hover the mouse over the desktop in the left preview pane, all of the monitors freeze. The mouse will still move around, but nothing can be selected and none of the keyboard shortcuts work. I can still here sound as if the programs continue to run, but there is no other response and the systems require a hard reboot.

I have found that, I can keep one of the Asus at 1920x1080, as long as the other two monitors are at 1680x1050 there is no freezing/crashing.

I have tried both the newest stable and beta AMD drivers (made sure to delete old ones) as well as updated all of my other drivers etc. I've also recently "refreshed" Windows 8 and the problem persist. There are also no heat issues on any of the components and the freezing/crash will happen whether I've been on the computer for a while or its a fresh boot.

Any suggestions (other than roll back to 7)?
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  1. Also to add, if I disable the Samsung and just run the two Asus, I can set them to 1920x1080 and 1080p and there is no crashing.
  2. So after playing around and making some extremely minor changes, my freezing problem seems to have subsided for now and I though I would share in case anyone else runs into this issue.

    The only changes have been:

    Updated to the new beta Catalyst driver (13.2 beta 7)
    Changed the "Power control settings" in Catalyst's AMD OverDrive to 20%
    For the hdmi monitor that is set to 1080p, I changed the refresh rate from 60 to 59.

    I seem to think it was changing the refresh rate that fixed it, just because of how it was behaving before, but it likely could be the updated driver as well.
  3. Well.... I was wrong, screens still freeze :(
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