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I'm new to network setups and all. All I want is to be able to setup a X number of xbox 360 in a way that they can all play together, I know the details about the tvs, games and controllers but lan networking is a big mystery. For example if I had 8 xbox what would be the less expensive way to set them up to play together? Could connecting 4 xbox to a router and 4 other xbox to another router and connecting the routers together work? (with basic ethernet cable) Or do a have to use a network switch with cross cables?
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  1. Far as I know, you can't setup an internal network to connect Xbox360s together, you need to go though XBOX Live service. If you have a router, and use a switch to get more ports, that will get them all connected. You do not use cross-over cables in that setup, that is only for direct device to device connections.
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