How to disable eyefinity bezel compensation?

How do I disable the bezel compensation?
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  1. Open CCC/Vision Control Center
    Click on Desktop Management tab
    Click on Desktop Properties tab
    Under Settings -> Desktop Area -> select resolution under grouped

    Or disable and recreate your multi-monitor group and don't set up bezel compensation.
  2. Alternately, when bezel compensation is enabled, you can still choose between a bezel-compensated resolution and a non-compensated resolution. Example: I have three 1920x1080 displays. When I have Eyefinity (w/ bezel compensation) enabled, I can select between 6048x1080 or 5760x1080 in both Windows Display Settings and in my fullscreen apps like games and sound visualizations. When I select the 5760x1080, there is no bezel compensation.
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