why does my games show up as dx 9 when I have a gtx670 I want dx 11 please help .I have windows 8 is that the problem
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  1. No Windows 8 isn't the problem. What game is it? If it is older it may only have Dx9 support.
  2. u probably are running an older game which doesnot support dx 10 or higher......
    which game are you playing?
  3. chivalry,
  4. frank101 said:

    Chivalry runs dx9 by default.
  5. can I change it
  6. frank101 said:
    can I change it

    try right clicking it in steam>properties>set launch options>then type in "-dx11"

    That might force it, but seriously you won't see any graphical difference.
  7. is it possible im using my cpu graphics
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    no, if your card is plugged into your mobo then the cpu or mobo integrated graphics cuts off.
  9. ok thx
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  11. frank101 said:
    ok thx

    You're welcome, good luck.
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